• During 35 years history of Agren, we prefer to focus on single field, rather than expend to variety of fields on the account of professionalism.

  • We prefer to distribute basic knowledge rather than take advantage on the customers with lack of knowledge.

  • Being small, dynamic and efficient company we are always "Face to the customer", in an effort to fulfill his demands.

  • Agren offers not only very professional personnel, but also the most technologically advanced tools.

  • We are aware of the complexity of the development process of High-tech products, and therefore offer the most appropriate solutions to the specific design constraints.

  • In last 10 years, Agren developed effective methodology of work with customers anywhere on the Globe.

Why agren?

Agren provides services to hundreds of companies, all over the globe for more than 35 years now.

Agren uses the most sophisticated and advanced tools on the market,

to design and verify most optimal solution for any problem.

Anytime at your service


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